John Waters’ Cry-Baby (1990)

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Blue Flowers of Hitashi Seaside Park in Japan via BoredPanda

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(via Slowly Drifting by Sangelus on deviantART)

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Artist Isaac Cordal (tumblr / facebook) - “With the simple act of miniaturization and thoughtful placement, Isaac Cordal magically expands the imagination of pedestrians finding his sculptures on the street. Cement Eclipses is a critical definition of our behavior as a social mass. The art work intends to catch the attention on our devalued relation with the nature through a critical look to the collateral effects of our evolution. With the master touch of a stage director, the figures are placed in locations that quickly open doors to other worlds. The scenes zoom in the routine tasks of the contemporary human being”.

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I got Mercury <3 One of my favorite 3.

So, I fractured my pinkie toe and the toe next to it on my right foot yesterday. I have been hobbling around like a old lady ever since. This blows.

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I cannot be stopped

Since when do you drink wine?

I’m 1103, I must have drunk it sometime.

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(by apterus on deviantART)

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Fierce ladies I adore 13/25 (in no particular order): Dita Von Teese

"I was always intrigued by the idea of bringing things together that are considered taboo or risque and bringing them together with something of high elegance and sophistication."


(via Hedi Xandt’s Bold Sculptures Juxtapose Classical Imagery with the Macabre | Hi-Fructose Magazine)

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My life is unrecognizable compared to what it was - ‘Game of Thrones’ has opened doors that were never there before. But it can be dangerous to see it in those terms, I think. It’s best to take it as it comes and work as hard as you can, and hopefully the other things fall into place.

dear cas